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How does your ‘lizard brain’ affect your investments?
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How does your ‘lizard brain’ affect your investments?​

What can history teach us about market volatility?
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What can history teach us about market volatility?

Are you going to be okay?
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Are you going to be okay?

As your financial wealth grows, complexity increases.

There are times when complexity makes it hard to see the big picture and what wealth truly means to you and your family.

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What Does True Wealth Mean to You and Your Family?

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Risk is much more than market volatility. It is anything that may keep you from achieving your most important goals.
Wealth is the ability to fully experience life

Everyone has a Risk Number. Let’s find yours.

Determining how fast you’re comfortable traveling on your investment journey is the first step in helping us develop an investment strategy that’s perfect for you.

Managing Partner and Co-founder

Meet our Managing Partner and his team:

Dean S. Bennion CFP®

When Dean was 12 years old, his father loaded up the family station wagon and took him on a cross country trip that included visits to the Commodities Futures Markets in Chicago and the New York Stock Exchange. From the moment he first saw the “organized chaos” of the trading pits, Dean has been an avid student of markets and how they work.

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True Wealth is a Journey not a Destination

This is why we are dedicated to the pursuit of meaningful and sustainable results through the principles of good stewardship and fiduciary care.

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