Our Most Important Work

You’ve kept us extra busy these days, working with people you’ve sent who are going through transitions right now. It’s been a reminder that we don’t always pick the time when retirement savings are needed to fund the next chapter, when a death turns someone who is married into a survivor, or when a job change cascades through our other plans and planning.

An uncertain economy and volatile markets compound these tasks. We so appreciate your confidence in suggesting to people you care about that they talk to us, when they need to. These transitions are key, important times – we respect the time and attention people need in sorting through the issues. This may be our most important work, and you help us be there for people who need it. Thank you again.

We are equally grateful for the chance to talk to so many of you! As market uncertainty continues, it becomes invaluable for us to understand your priorities, goals, and concerns. While we never try and time the market, many of you have inquired whether this is a buying opportunity or if market downturns are jeopardizing the things that matter most to you. Keep those calls coming! We will review our strategy together and make sure we are taking appropriate steps for your future.  

Our investment philosophy is built on 2 pillars. 1) Only take appropriate risks and 2) Buy high quality companies and investments. This approach has a history of building wealth over time and in a variety of market cycles.

We continue to believe in this philosophy even amid the global economic and geopolitical uncertainty. We are encouraged that the core domestic economy is still quite stable. Additionally, the economy is expected to grow in the latter part of this year after a surprise contraction in the first quarter, though the growth path may be bumpy as monetary policy is recalibrated from exceedingly loose to moderately tight and consumers and businesses adjust to higher borrowing costs.


We believe patient investors stand a better chance of meeting their long-term goals. No one has a crystal ball, but at lower valuations, history suggests the chances of above-average returns going forward may be rising. It’s tough to do during times like this, but we encourage long term investors to stick to their game plan.

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